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  • on 02.01.2010
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About MiniPainters 0

MiniPainters is all about great miniatures and doing what we love - painting them! The MiniPainters team is made up of painting and gaming enthusiasts and we're always out to get our hands on good looking minis. Therefore our aim for this blog is to not only post articles about painting techniques and step by step articles, but also posts about some new miniatures we've found, or some cool new releases from one of our favourite manufacturers.


MiniPainters started it's life as a forum dedicated to painting and modelling wargames miniatures. During it's previous life, MiniPainters held a lot of discussions on all aspects of painting and modelling, and provided resources to tutorials, inspiration and more. Many competitions were also run, sponsored by miniature manufacturers around the globe. MiniPainters also released a small range of miniatures - miniatures to show off your painting skills! Unfortunately after 2 successful years of life the forum's life came to an end. Due to real life circumstances the staff could no longer dedicate enough time to keep it going. The miniatures line has been going strong however, and plans to bring the MiniPainters community back have always been there. This day has now come! MiniPainters has relaunched as an online miniature painting and modelling blog. With more staff members on board and lots of great articles planned MiniPainters is back and ready to take on the world once more! We hope you enjoy the website, our articles and we would like to encourage you to join in the community once more.

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