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  • on 11.01.2010
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Buy Propecia Without Prescription, As my painting comrade Stef has already mentioned in his WIP Sunday post, we spent the day round a friend’s house painting. This is not an unusual occurrence as we do this often but it got me thinking is this unique to us or do other groups of friends get together and spend a whole day working on hobby projects, real brand Propecia online. Propecia images, Our hobby is not one that forces you to spend hours alone in the solitude of a garden shed or some other equally bleak and soul destroying location (Not that bird watching is boring oh no. Look a Sparrow, Propecia interactions, Purchase Propecia online, OK we’re done it was fun yea I’ll see you again soon), it instead helps us naturally form friendship groups with other like minded gamers, Propecia samples. Propecia pictures, I am not ashamed to say some of my best friends are friends I have made through the hobby, it is also fair to say we share other interests but we met through our love of painting and gaming, Propecia dose.

So this in a round about rambling I wish he’d just get on with it kind of way to the point of my post, Buy Propecia Without Prescription. No prescription Propecia online, Is it better to paint alone or with friends.

It is a double edged sword in some respects, Propecia forum, Propecia maximum dosage, on one hand you have like minded people to chat with discuss future projects or insane conversation ideas with but then there’s the distraction of showing your mates a funny video on YouTube or challenging them to a game of Wii bowling – all the time while you should be painting.

I am guilty of the latter, buy Propecia no prescription, Propecia from canadian pharmacy, on Sunday I only had three easy task to achieve those where.

  • Wash Chaos Warrior unit with Devlan Mud (Citadel ink)

  • Wash Chaos Warrior unit with Griffon Sepia (Citadel ink)

  • Base Chaos Warrior unit with snow theme

Now I got the two washes done but failed to base the unit as I was more inclined to sit and watch a film, Propecia price, coupon, Rx free Propecia, this in turn impacted on my comrades as they both soon joined me on the sofa and left brushes and glue alone on the table. Buy Propecia Without Prescription, Whilst there is no doubt that getting together in a group is more fun, can lead to the creation of some truly epic ideas or army themes it is less productive than working alone – but where’s the fun in that.

(If your interested the finished Chaos Warrior unit will soon be making an appearance on the site along with a how to paint guide), Propecia trusted pharmacy reviews. Propecia coupon, So what do you think. Is it better to paint alone or with others, where can i find Propecia online. Propecia class, Would you prefer to work in the secrecy of your bed room or studio or are you a social animal. The next time you and your friends are stuck for something to do at the weekend, Propecia dosage, Propecia wiki, just think could you be painting. Taking Propecia. Buy cheap Propecia no rx. Propecia pics. Propecia canada, mexico, india. Cheap Propecia. Propecia australia, uk, us, usa. Propecia recreational. Is Propecia addictive. Propecia pharmacy. Purchase Propecia online. Propecia maximum dosage. Propecia dangers. Propecia brand name. Order Propecia online c.o.d. Online buying Propecia.

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Ross has been painting miniatures for over 14 years and was in fact responsible for introducing Stef to the hobby (A fact to this day he remains unrepentant). Much like his partner in crime Ross has painted for commission in the past but hung up his brushes when Academia came calling, over the past five years he has been spending the majority of his time locked away in a recording studio or slaving over an essay. Already an accomplished Audio Engineer and self proclaimed MiniPainter, Ross is also an aspiring writer and along side writing a novel and several short stories (whilst harassing publishers) he produces all the back ground material and ‘fluff’ for the miniature range. His other accolades include a joint Masters Degree in Sarcasm & Innuendo and as if that wasn’t enough he works part time at a local gaming store!

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There are 4 comments for this post

  1. Coops says:

    I always enjoy the painting sessions, as you know I always try and paint a little each day, as its a form of relaxation for myself. But I can pretty much paint anywhere local gaming stores, at home, in a group. You should always try at sometimes to paint in a group as you get ideas, painting techniques. Also maybe having painting challenges set between the people there.
    You also have too look at why you are painting, if your rushing for a tournament, you will produce substandard work, or are you painting a model you don’t like.

  2. Spinney says:

    I tend to find I actually produce more work while in a group at someones house. Although there are the distractions as per Ross suggests, I find it focuses me to actually do something rather than sitting on my ass watching tv.

    Even though we watched a film and I managed to wipe the floor at bowling, I still managed to build a unit of Spearmen, a mage and a Mage on Dragon for my high elves…no painting, but that was more than what I originally intended doing.

    Unlike Coop I don’t tend to find painting relaxing, more of a chore, so having others around me to spur me on usually is more beneficial.

  3. Stef says:

    Indeed working together is a lot more fun. It’s hit and miss really, sometimes I’ll get a lot done and sometimes I won’t. This weekend I was hoping to get all of those skinks done, but only managed to get half way through.

  4. rich says:

    i’m different to every other poster in that i paint alone and dont have any friends close by that i could paint with even if i wanted to. i guess i get most of the social interaction i need from the forums(platoon britannica at the mo).
    i paint to relax and to relax i need to be on my own if that makes sense

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